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INSTANT BREAKFAST by Earth Cultivated

Fast, real, RAW FOOD in powder form as a meal replacement or protein boost. A delicious, straightforward breakfast.

Breakfast accomplished. – Just stir, shake, or blend into your favorite type of milk for an exquisitely satisfying chocolate milk.

18g Organic Plant-Based Protein Per Serving, with only the highest quality raw ingredients. No sugar. 110 Calories per serving.

NO Gums, Thickeners, Sugars, or "Natural Flavors" with only 2g Net Carbs.

Start making breakfast easy.

Eat INSTANT BREAKFAST by Earth Cultivated.

Absolute Premium Raw Ingredients


yellow pea



Organic Rice Protein

Yellow pea protein and rice protein are often considered complementary protein types - Rice protein is high in certain amino acids like cysteine and methionine but low in lysine.

Organic Yellow Pea Protein

On the other hand, yellow pea protein is rich in lysine but low in cysteine and methionine. When combined, they provide a more balanced amino acid profile, making the pair a complete protein source that includes all essential amino acids in adequate amounts.

Organic Raw Cacao

Cacao: A truly amazing food. Naturally high in magnesium and antioxidants. Our's is cold-pressed, sun-dried, and unroasted for rich flavor and health benefits.

Raw Vanilla

Real Vanilla Bean: The third most expensive spice in the world (after only saffron and fennel pollen), only a tiny fraction of premium products even contain the real deal. Most others settle for low quality flavorings or extracts. Not us! This is what makes us ours' taste unreal.

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Organic Ingredients
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