Get Back to Nature!
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Who are these robots?

Thanks for stumbling upon our little company. Earth Cultivated was formed in 2016 in Portland, Oregon, USA; when the company founder, Chris, had tried nearly every single plant protein mix on the market and realized that none of them fit the bill. He set out to create a plant protein mix that was way more than "all-natural," which big companies have all seemed to bend the rules to fit their products into.

We take "all-natural" much farther, and we only include ingredients which would be good enough to eat on their own, not just fillers, gums, and flavorings.

We're all in this together. Earth Cultivated is proud to donate 10% of all profits to some really awesome charities that do great work. All of us, companies and community members, must step up and lend a helping hand to those around us and around the globe to make life great for everyone.

Our products speak for themselves, so if you'd like to have a discussion with them in person, head over to our shop area.